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10 Apr NEW MUSIC! “Spring Blue” by Music P

With the first sunbeams here in Germany i composed and produced this piece here together with my cousin sittin in in the first of two sessions. A nice, relaxed, hopeful and friendly Indie Dance track with some G-Funk flavor. Perfect for the beach, a convertable ride or...

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24 Mar Creating “Some Fun” by Music P

Hey everybody, thanks for stopping by! Today I wanna share my creative process of making a song with you. Admittetly it's a fast-forward once-over but definitely a glimpse at my work-space, my working routine and hopefully and most importantly you'll like what you hear! :) It's all about...

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14 Mar The new website / blog by Music P

Hey guys,   yupp, i'm gonna do it. Over exaggerated and curiosity-up-stirring headlines that gonna lead to amazing articles about me, my life, my journey, my mission. On this website, i'm gonna supply you with the latest remixes and tour dates, as well as other interesting stuff about...

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