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03 Aug With a new EP back to the Funk!

Summer 2020 - Who would have thought that we are going to spend it during a worldwide pandemic? It's strange. The times we live in are weird and good vibes without thinking about the virus are hard to come by. Even more so, I want to bring people the good vibes and what's a better way to do this, than with 2 new funky tunes by my main partner in crime Marque Aurel and me? Believe The Word EP comes equipped with funky vibes, good mood and everything you love about house music. We're presenting to you Disco Yeah and I Believe The Word. Also available remixed by the amazing Sammy Deuce (Disco Yeah) and DJ Kone & Marc Palacios (I Believe The Word). Speaking of words, enough of them, enjoy the music. Out now on all music platforms via the great people over at In It Together Records! Love, P Link tree to all stores: CLICK HERE In It Together Records · Music P & Marque Aurel - Believe The Word EP REMIXES: Link tree: CLICK HERE In It Together Records · Music P & Marque Aurel - Believe The Word EP - The Remixes ...

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03 May BigZ – In The Zone (Music P Remix)

And here's another one straight from the desert! Check out Music P's remix of BigZ great "In The Zone". Out now on all music platforms via Ready Mix Records! The song premiered on Electronic Groove: Electronic Groove · Premiere: BiGz - In The Zone (Music P Remix) - Ready Mix Records ...

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28 Apr Deep Down vol. 8 is Out Now!!

Live streams, podcasts and mixtapes everywhere. We're in difficult times for the music and entertainment industry. As an artist with a smaller fanbase, it's even more difficult to keep up and stand out with all the content that's being created these days. Nevertheless, I've gotten into this business to succeed and I'll keep doing what I'm doing until eventually, I'll receive the recognition, for which I've worked so hard for almost a decade as professional producer. That being said, I wanted to record a set for those few people listening and continue my Deep Down Mixtape series with Volume 8, even when it seems like there's already too many mixtapes out there at the moment. But since you're reading this, you will probably have a listen and I'm deeply grateful for you following me and my passion!! Since there are no live gigs going on at the moment, income is minimized, so if you feel like supporting, there's a PayPal donation button on my soundcloud profile. So let's get into it, please enjoy and dance! I've made this with love!! Setlist: JT Donaldson, Liv.e - Stay InsideDuBeats - UnreliableWerkshy - EverydayScott Diaz - 205 DaysSebb Junior, Sammy Deuce - If You Got LoveMusic P - Happy SummerDee Montero & Newman - ShadowsArmonica - Zama (Cioz Remix)Dennis Cruz - Mother EarthCarlo - TengoSoledad Bravo - Santiago De ChileRon Carroll, Tube & Berger - The SermonMusic P & Marque Aurel - Miss Sally Music P · Deep Down vol. 8 - The Mixtape ...

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13 Apr Slow Down!

Hi world, I'm also stuck inside with all gigs cancelled, no travelling, no friend visits and lots of time on my hand. We're forced to slow down, breathe and take everything down a notch. Inspired by these days, I wrote the lyrics to this track called Slow Down. I started working on this track three years ago (!). Obviously, i only started it and then didn't touch it for another 3 years, until I discovered it again recently. I opened the session and brought it to the next level, also working together with the amazing composer and pianist Marvin Gerstmeier. So here it is, another deep house ballad, as I love to call it. Only a trailer though, I'm currently negotiating release details. Stay safe and healthy! Sending you lots of love and good vibes. ...

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Chalet Beats No. 7 Cover by Music P

28 Feb Chalet Beats No. 7

Last year I got to mix my first compilation, which is out officially today, thanks to the Maierl Alm Chalet Resort in Kitzbühel, Austria. I'm really proud to be the successor of this legendary series. It was difficult to get the licenses for all the tracks I wanted, but in the end I had the honor and the blessing from each individual label to mix a fine selection of Deep and Tech House tunes, to bring you the feeling of the Alps, the snow, mountains and the vibe of Ibiza-style Aprés-Ski. You can now order and buy Chalet Beats No. 7 in selected retail-stores and online shops. I hope you enjoy this compilation of some of my favorite tracks from last year. Thanks to Maierl, Clubstar Records and all the labels involved!! Here are some links: Media Markt (GER) Saturn (GER) ex libris (CH) Amazon (ESP) WOM World Of Music ...

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23 Jan Music P goes Desert House

"People who know me - or read my bio - know that my musical journey started in Hip Hop. My first producer "SoulRoll" was a huge Timbaland fan and introduced me to Timbo's beats early on. Up Jumps the Boogie: the Magoo, Aaliyah and Missy Elliott time. We could totally share Timbaland's fascination for oriental sounds. No surprise, that after falling in love with Deep House, I eventually discovered Downbeat/Electronica and combined with Oriental sounds, I call it Desert House. One of my goals is to play a Desert House set at the absolutely amazing Burning Man festival. To reach that goal, I started producing it myself and introduced the mixtape series "Smoking Man", which you can find on my soundcloud. I'm very proud that Big Al from ReadyMix Records hooked me up with a few Original tracks from his artists and gave me the opportunity to remix them. When I heard Ruh-u Revan from Akuba, I instantly fell in love with his instrumentation and chose it for my first Desert House remix." Press text: German hotshot producer and former rapper Music P delivers a bouncier, more up-tempo remix of 'Ruh-u-Revan', ready for the bar or club floor. ...

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