No Good – follow us through a Deep House journey…

No Good – follow us through a Deep House journey…

No Good will be the name of the song Marque Aurel and me started together in our last studio session.

Breakups and broken hearts never feel good. To convey this feeling with a song, not primary through vocals/lyrics, but also through a deep, thoughtful, yet viby instrumentation and beat,
that was our goal, when we started working on this track.

We wanna go a little bit deeper in the releases we have planned for this fall / winter. I hope y’all stick wit us.. šŸ™‚

We’re still working on the song, but it’s finished in matters of vocals and arrangement, so bare with us, until we can present you a full preview and then finally the release.

The story to the song is simple. Like men, women cheat too and this is the story of a guy, who’s heart has been broken by a girl.
He could sense it before, he could smell rain, taste the clouds and it proved him right, but he asks the girls this one question:

“Shouldn’t you know, how it feels?

Obviously the girl was also cheated on before. But this is from a man’s perspective, as his relationship breaks up because of cheating.
I hope all our female listeners out there can put theirselves in men’s shoes for a little and know, that men have feelings too. šŸ˜‰

Hope you guys enjoy this little sneak peek, holla at Marque and me and give us your feedback, here’s the facebook links:

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Marque Aurel

Peace out!