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15 Aug Deep Down vol. 7 out now!

After a longer break a new episode of the legendary Deep Down series by Music P is out. As usual startin off with funky, feel good tunes the set takes you on a journey, passing older tracks, who P felt deserved some spotlight again, like Andhim's...

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25 Apr Deep Down vol. 5 – Anniversary!!

The deep, sexy and viby Mixtape series is back and brings you some tidbits of brand-new Deep & Tech - House music, as usual mixed with love by Music P. Starting off with a few Chill Out tunes, we run deeper and deeper into viby pieces,...

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28 Feb Deep Down vol. 4 – The Mixtape (feat. Marque Aurel)

Here it is, the highly anticipated, publically demanded, anxiously awaited new edtion of Deep Down - The Mixtape. This time, i partnered up with, guess who? yeah, no suprise, the fabolous Marque Aurel. Great producer, great DJ, great friend and simply great human being. We stuck our...

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