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09 Jul Summerlounge 2019 Lörrach, Germany

We're back at Beach 20 in Lörrach for the yearly summer lounge with three dates, where you can find Music P & Marque Aurel spin the nicest Deep & Tech House tunes from 5pm - 1am! Stop by if you're down with good music, fresh drinks...

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16 Jan NO GOOD.

Music P & Marque Aurel introduce their new Deep House banger "No Good". The viby masterpiece appears on Boy's Deep Records with release date being announced soon...

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14 Mar The new website / blog by Music P

Hey guys,   yupp, i'm gonna do it. Over exaggerated and curiosity-up-stirring headlines that gonna lead to amazing articles about me, my life, my journey, my mission. On this website, i'm gonna supply you with the latest remixes and tour dates, as well as other interesting stuff about...

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