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12 Oct Remixing a legendary track!

Ready Mix Records celebrates its 21st Anniversary with this very special release featuring brand new remixes of John Creamer & Stephane K's 2001 classic 'I Wish You Were'. An absolute honor for the Music P & Marque Aurel duo, so they did what they had to...

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15 Sep Smoking Man vol. 2 – DESERT HOUSE!

What a cool name for a genre, huh?! Desert House. We have no idea, if this is the official description for the music or if the artists would agree, but we think it's a good way to describe the vibe of this down beat and organic...

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25 Apr Deep Down vol. 5 – Anniversary!!

The deep, sexy and viby Mixtape series is back and brings you some tidbits of brand-new Deep & Tech - House music, as usual mixed with love by Music P. Starting off with a few Chill Out tunes, we run deeper and deeper into viby pieces,...

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