The new website / blog by Music P

The new website / blog by Music P

Hey guys,


yupp, i’m gonna do it. Over exaggerated and curiosity-up-stirring headlines that gonna lead to amazing articles about me, my life, my journey, my mission.

On this website, i’m gonna supply you with the latest remixes and tour dates, as well as other interesting stuff about music.

Now who am I? All my friends call me P, that’s because my first artist name when I started making music in 1999 was P.S.Y..

Nowadays I call myself Music P. Music P because it’s impossible to put me in a box. I love all kinds of music, versatile you would say, but i really do write songs in quite a few genres.

After things didn’t go so well with the pop duo project i was working on last year, i had to adopt a new course.

Something credible for me, something i would have fun doing, something i could bring people joy with and continue spreading positive vibes and music.

Spending almost complete last summer on the beautiful Balearic island Ibiza, i fell in love with Indie Dance, Deep House and Nu Disco.

My roots and my heart will always stay with Hip Hop and R&B, but those three genres got it all in it.

The funk, the rhythm, the beautiful vocals, raps, groovy basslines, everything that’s in Hip Hop can be found in most Indie Dance tracks.

I also fell in love with DJ’ing and let me say something about it:

I experienced a lotta resentment, condescending smiles and even DJs saying to me “why does everybody wanna be a DJ?!” and some DJs wouldn’t even take me serious.

Now to those mufuckahs and all other people reading this. I’ve been behind the mixer since i was 16 years old (13 yrs ago). As an MC.

I observed every mix, every blend the DJs made because i was very sensitive hearing beats go off.

And i’m talkin 1’s and 2’s, i’m talking vinyl. When I first started, I used to carry those heavy vinyl bags into countless clubs…

Now since i’m producing music, i kinda know “a little” something about how a song is structured and how to best mix it with the song that’s playing before.

I also think of myself, as someome with quite a good taste in music. I mean my friends can attest to it, they been gettin music from me since forever.

So what more do you need from a DJ than him knowing the song structures, how to mix’em and he has a fabolous taste in music?

Not much, BUT wasn’t there something else? Oh yeah, i MC! You won’t find me at a dj-gig without a microphone and believe me i rap, sing and host.

What i would play? Well, listen to my first mixtape (Deep Down vol. 1.) and subscribe to my soundcloud because i’m gonna put out more mixtapes, bootlegs and official singles very soon!


Thanks for reading and make sure you follow me on facebook, instagram and all other channels to stay tuned to this adventure, because i promise you, it’s gonna be outstanding.

A little sneak peek? i featured on a single coming out in April and in May i have a big EP release with two Indie dance bangers I made together with my brother from another mother Marque Aurel.

More releases to come in June, July and August. I basically will be releasing at least one song every month.


Peace, love and good vibes.