This was 2014…

18 Feb This was 2014…

2014 has come to an end and it was outstanding. Together with Rufus, i toured in 8 countries and performed at lots of places, venues and events.
Selling more than 4.000 copies of our debut single “Good Morning”, we even dwelled on the German Single Charts for a week.
Nevertheless, German radio stations haven’t given us a chance. Can you imagine that the biggest radio stations in Germany all said, they like our song but want to wait until we hit the charts (Top 50),
so they can play us??? Why would a radio station decide by the quality of the song??? DUH!
Now with us only having a radio promotion team as only promotion tool at all, we had no chance for further success.
Still too many people don’t know the song, haven’t been waking up to this feel good tune, bottom line, we didn’t get a chance, a platform to get it out to the people.
Now me being someone, that doesn’t allow other people to pull me down or stop me,  i don’t even wanna look at the past anymore. Too many paths to go, too many doors to open, too many people & artists to connect with.
It is indeed kinda demotivating that too many people just talk, but never act, but it always was like that and you have to fight your way through this jungle of false promises and unreliability.
I love music and how weird it might sound, i love the business as well.
i’m not gonna stop, i’m never gonna retreat, don’t need no additional income to make it through testing times, i’m a one-man-army now, just how i used to be when i entered the business.
i’m optimistically looking into the future and say there’s only one way: up.