A remix for our favorite sax player!

Spring feelings are here, ooh baby baby!

P & Marque are back with a fine synth piece they’ve made for saxophone player

and -for this tune also- singer Saintro P Sax Up!

Both have worked together with Saintro P for years, performing live sax in their DJ sets.

Saintro P now starts his transition to recording artist and of course the Music P Entertainment company is here to help family members with their first steps.

“I got the request from Sandro and set up a project real fast. Found out the tempo, key and possibilities for switching the chords. I started making the drums, percussion and wrote some piano chords including this nice little riff in the middle of the progression. This was in November 2021. Later, around January/February of 2022, when I was in a studio session with Marque, we finally added the synths and decided the Jupiter Xm chord arp will be our lead instrument. Absolutely loving the vibe it brings. Goes great together with the sustained bass notes and releasing amazingly in the second drop when the release time of the envelope shortens again. Geek talk, man… But yeah, it’s an absolute relaxed yet driving sundowner track for me.” Music P says.

Check out the remix, but also the original now on all music platforms.

Buy now on beatport.

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