Almost Techno! “Slow Down” remixed by Dre

FULL CIRCLE “Slow down, world! And breathe”. This corona-time inspired tune from Music P,

which was released in 2020, months after Covid hit, has a new skin and it’s made by brazilian superstar DJ dreguazzelli from Sao Paulo.

Already dancefloor proven, the trancy and driving version of P’s song turned into a peak-time monster for any deeper set & music lovers worldwide and is coming full circle, now that dancefloors across the world re-open. Let the festivals begin.

Me and Dre know each other since 2013 or something. I even had the incredible opportunity to visit him together with Paul Lomax, Anthik and Kellerkind in Sao Paulo. He showed us an amazing time …but already from the first second we met… in the mountains of Austria, I loved him. Everybody loves him. He’s a vibe and I’m happy to call him a friend. – Music P


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