Deep Down vol. 4 – The Mixtape (feat. Marque Aurel)

Here it is, the highly anticipated, publically demanded, anxiously awaited new edtion of Deep Down – The Mixtape.

This time, i partnered up with, guess who? yeah, no suprise, the fabolous Marque Aurel. Great producer, great DJ, great friend and simply great human being.

We stuck our heads together to find the hottest tracks from the past months, so come on this journey with us, let’s travel to places made of deep, driving, hypnotizing, sexy and groovy house music.

I also wanna dedicate this mixtape to my friend Dre, who works in a gas station in Las Vegas, Nevada, bumpin that shit at work. Thanks for listening and your support! I’m grateful.

Now let’s go, click the play button:



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S E T L I S T :

1.No Good (Original Mix) by Music P & Marque Aurel
2.Cursed (feat. Michael O.) (Original Mix) by Flex Cop
3.Chee Pso Ng (feat. Ole Biege) (Original Mix) by Super Flu
4.P&O (Original Mix) by Doorly
5.JYFRND (Original Mix) by Paflo
6.Flying Man (Original Mix) by Tim Hanmann
7.Hope I’m Wrong (Original Mix) by Jonas Rathsman
8.Rollercoaster (Original Mix) by Andhim
9.Boogaloo (Original Mix) by Doorly
10.The Well (Original Mix) by Ronte Monte Mo & Ole Biege
11.If You Wait (Riva Starr Remix) by London Grammar
12.My Cause (Ejeca Remix) by Ramiro Lopez feat. KnowKontrol

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