Deep Down vol. 7 out now!

After a longer break a new episode of the legendary Deep Down series by Music P is out.

As usual startin off with funky, feel good tunes the set takes you on a journey,
passing older tracks, who P felt deserved some spotlight again, like Andhim’s “Walkmen” or
the genius composition by Thyladomid and Adriatique on their song “Deep In The Three”,
which P got introduced to by his lovely friend Amy from Berlin.

Going towards the end you’ll hear tunes with some of the best female vocals
Deep House has to offer at this moment by Jem Cooke, Emily Cook & Just Her.

Words can do the talk, but you have to take the walk by pressing Play, enjoy!


1 . Enduro Disco – Lion Noir

2. Bas Roos & Guy Steve – Piece Of Soul (Original Mix)

3.Art of Tones – Reprise De Fonk (Original Mix)

4. Zoo Brazil – Alright (Original Mix)

5. Andhim – Walkmen (Original Mix)

6.Thyladomid feat. Adriatique – Deep In The Three (Original Mix)

7. Stavroz – XS PLS (Original Mix)

8. Sebb Junior – Ghetto Boy (Studioheist Remix)

9. Clive From Accounts – Nagra (Original Mix)

10. Made By Pete feat. Jem Cooke – So Long (Audiojack Remix)

11. Just Her – Follow You Down (Original Mix)

12. Finn – Sometimes The Going Gets A Little Tough (Ferreck Dawn & Robosonic Extended Remix)

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