Deep Down vol. 8 is Out Now!!

Live streams, podcasts and mixtapes everywhere. We’re in difficult times for the music and entertainment industry. As an artist with a smaller fanbase, it’s even more difficult to keep up and stand out with all the content that’s being created these days.

Nevertheless, I’ve gotten into this business to succeed and I’ll keep doing what I’m doing until eventually, I’ll receive the recognition, for which I’ve worked so hard for almost a decade as professional producer.

That being said, I wanted to record a set for those few people listening and continue my Deep Down Mixtape series with Volume 8, even when it seems like there’s already too many mixtapes out there at the moment. But since you’re reading this, you will probably have a listen and I’m deeply grateful for you following me and my passion!! Since there are no live gigs going on at the moment, income is minimized, so if you feel like supporting, there’s a PayPal donation button on my soundcloud profile.

So let’s get into it, please enjoy and dance! I’ve made this with love!!


  1. JT Donaldson, Liv.e – Stay Inside
  2. DuBeats – Unreliable
  3. Werkshy – Everyday
  4. Scott Diaz – 205 Days
  5. Sebb Junior, Sammy Deuce – If You Got Love
  6. Music P – Happy Summer
  7. Dee Montero & Newman – Shadows
  8. Armonica – Zama (Cioz Remix)
  9. Dennis Cruz – Mother Earth
  10. Carlo – Tengo
  11. Soledad Bravo – Santiago De Chile
  12. Ron Carroll, Tube & Berger – The Sermon
  13. Music P & Marque Aurel – Miss Sally

Music P · Deep Down vol. 8 – The Mixtape

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