Escape (from the past) – New Release!

From the past? Yes, this song was written and recorded by P and Bibi 5 years ago at Marc’s old studio.

“It was Sunday, the 12th of August in 2018. I know, because I checked the file date. Haha! I knew Bibi was coming in the next morning. I think I wanted to travel back home, but used the opportunity to have her in the studio, so I had to write something…

The file name is called “P alone in the studio”. Back in 2018 things weren’t going so great for me mentally, but music always helped me. Writing stuff like this was coming from a deep, subconscious feeling. I knew there was light at the end. It was music.”

Can’t put no weight on my shoulder,

I’m free as a bird flying over the hate, that has been taken over,

I won’t surrender to you!

I’m too alive, got too much heart left,

I’m headin’ straight to the light,

escapin’ your darkness,

yeah, yeah!

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