Get The Funk Out – it’s getting funky!

Get The Funk Out – it’s getting funky!

Wassup people,

a massive EP-Release is on its way and there are only 12 more days to go.

We called it “Get The Funk Out”!

It’s coming with two funky Indie Dance / Nu-Disco bangers that’ll make it impossible for you to sit or stand still and they feel like this:

1. The Feel Good Funk

Challenge anybody you know to try to not move to this tune. The title is self-explaining. Classic, driving and funky house with fresh raps and mad funk-guitars, basses and synthies.
This song fills any dancefloor, it’s the peak in your peak-time or your summer night feel good track.
The 80’s old school feel to this is undeniable!

2. All Through The Night (Hey Girl)

Moving a little more towards modern sound, especially when it comes to the nice synthie bass chord groove, All Through The Night is so driving and forward-going,
it’ll cheer you up at the latest when the driving off 8 Hats & the massive synthie chords come in and guide you to the big break, which couldn’t keep you more in suspense for the next drop.
A cheeky “Hey Giiiiiiiiirl” rings in the hook and it can’t be more saucy and catchy than this…

Get The Funk Out drops on July 20, 2015 on all relevant music platforms. You can pre-order the EP on iTunes right now: PRE-ORDER.

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Snippets of the songs can be heard either on iTunes for now or on my soundcloud page this weekend.

So long, peace.



Music P & Marque Aurel – The Feel Good Funk Download
Music P & Marque Aurel – All Through The Night (Hey Girl) Download
Music P & Marque Aurel – Get The Funk Out EP Download