Hope In Me – A first and significant one!

The year is ending but P has just started.

It’s liberation time. “Hope in Me” is the name of the single and it marks a milestone.

It’s the first release without label (White Label), fully self-promoted and of course, it’s a Marque Aurel collabo.

This is it. This one of many to come… We’re emptying our hard drive. We’re going to finish every good song, we’ve started.
Hope In Me is around…what..3 years old? Imagine if we made it today… Yeah, but this is something we wanna do monthly. And thankfully we don’t have to deal with any deadlines, other than the ones we make ourselves. Let alone give away 50% of our music… To a label, which then throws in 20 bucks for promotion. Marc and me are in charge and we’re hyped to promote everything ourselves and invest a bit more in the promotion of the music we’ve spent days to create.”

Music promotion is a tricky subject, especially because of the fact, that almost 100.000 singles are released everyday. Probably even more, when you count platforms like soundcloud.

P and Marc are sure, because of the quality of their productions, their music will find its way to the top of the house music mountain.

“Hope In Me” is the first piece of clothing in a striptease. We’ll get every song from their demo folder, piece by piece.

So how does it sound? Well of course listen for yourself, but not is it only the first White Label release, it’s also the first Progressive House track the duo is releasing.

Beautiful chords and harmonies. The synths in this song are a fully blown orchestra song in itself. The cherry on top is an old friend from an earlier, more commercial release ( “Never Again” ), the man himself, fresh from THE VOICE UK: Eddy Pop on vocals.

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