I want you to F.E.E.L. (#5 House Charts!)

Our new song “F.E.E.L.” is out on MONOSIDE Records, Italy.

In collaboration with Angelo Ferreri we’ve decided to release this piece including a remix by the man himself.

Currently on #5 House Charts and #7 OVERALL on Traxsource, the remix is already in quite good position to be heard and hopefully end up in many DJ sets.

I wrote the song at the beginning of this year, inspired by real life events. Having so many people protesting on the streets and politicians and lobbyists putting more money in their own pocket, I tried to remind the people about what really matters in life: love. They need to F.E.E.L., feel more empathy, feel more powerful, feel in general and especially feel the lack of love.

Here’s the lyrics and a link to the song. I’m sending this to you with lots of love and I hope you enjoy! P

Music P & Marque Aurel – F.E.E.L. lyrics

I’m here to tell you today,
I’d like to see a different world.
I want people to understand,
that this is the only shot we got.
The only chance to make things right.
Become happy!
I want people to feel the lack of love!

I wish people, would feel more love,
I’m talkin to you people, you need more love.
I want you to F.E.E.L., darling,
Like that…

Available on all music platforms including Spotify on October 12th, 2017.

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