Listen! There’s more deep after all the funk.

Nice little trailer, isn’t it?! Yes, we made it with iMovie, yes, it’s only 1080p, no, we’re not boomers!

That shit is called low budget and it’s to show, we played every single note ourselves. No loops, no samples for this one. And P’s singing! Just like in “No Good”, “Mellow Daze”, “Nobody But You”, “Play This” and many more.

We’ve made “Listen” back in 2018 under the working title “Renate”. Back then, we had sampled vocals on it, which were kind of indistinct, but they seem to say “Renate”. Lol, it’s a German female name. It was also a few BPM slower.

Fast forward to 2021, we’ve recorded vocals on it, “got rid of Renate” and finally found the courage to say: “let’s release it, it’s not gonna get any better sitting on the hard drive and some people might actually enjoy listening to it.”

Boy’s Deep signed the track and distributed it to all music platforms. 😉

We really hope you enjoy this tune, it’s a little milestone on our way to become some of the best producers out there! 😉

P & Marc

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