Moody Summer EP out now!

Perfectly timed with the North American Indian Summer phenomenon, Music P’s Moody Summer EP promises to take us outdoor to feel the summer breeze one last time before we dive deeper into the cold winter months.

Starting with Happy Summer, Music P delivers a deep house jam with a catchy horn lead, muted guitars, lush organs and a bumpy groove to ride along.

First remix comes courtesy of Russia’s Deeperteque who strips down almost all the original elements, injects his own signature sound and steers the track to a deeperteque territory while keeping the essence of summer alive.

Moody Lesson is the second Original track on the EP and comes with a classic deep house guitar riff leading the way to more horns gliding over a superb bassline groove.

Last but certainly not least, Switzerland’s Youen takes on the rework duties for Moody Lesson and totally brings out the funk by supplying a disco infused club house groove full of head-nodding, hands-in-the-air moments.


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