Music P goes Desert House

“People who know me – or read my bio – know that my musical journey started in Hip Hop. My first producer “SoulRoll” was a huge Timbaland fan and introduced me to Timbo’s beats early on. Up Jumps the Boogie: the Magoo, Aaliyah and Missy Elliott time. We could totally share Timbaland’s fascination for oriental sounds. No surprise, that after falling in love with Deep House, I eventually discovered Downbeat/Electronica and combined with Oriental sounds, I call it Desert House. One of my goals is to play a Desert House set at the absolutely amazing Burning Man festival. To reach that goal, I started producing it myself and introduced the mixtape series “Smoking Man”, which you can find on my soundcloud. I’m very proud that Big Al from ReadyMix Records hooked me up with a few Original tracks from his artists and gave me the opportunity to remix them. When I heard Ruh-u Revan from Akuba, I instantly fell in love with his instrumentation and chose it for my first Desert House remix.”

Press text: German hotshot producer and former rapper Music P delivers a bouncier, more up-tempo remix of ‘Ruh-u-Revan’, ready for the bar or club floor.

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