Music P live shows December 2015

Well guys, i still consider myself as newcomer in the Indie Dance, Nu-Disco, Deep- and Tech-House genre, but I’m happy to say that I’m seeing progress.

As well as in productions but also in DJing, Songwriting and realizing ideas in house music.

I told you earlier that I fell in love with the music style in 2014 spending lots of time on the beautiful island of Ibiza, but also at much younger age, already appreciating soulful, viby and driving house music especially with vocals.

Now that I have completely switched to the genre as producer, artist and DJ, I’m happy to announce more upcoming DJ appereances and music releases this month.

Here are all upcoming dates in December 2015:

  • 04. DEC – Red Lips with Lars Nixxon at Königsklasse, Königsbronn, GER (I’ma support my buddy Lars Nixxon on the mic, straight Hip Hop, dropping a few rhymes)
  • 12. DEC – Time Break at Maierl Alm, Kirchberg, AUS with DJ Hoody & Saintro P. I’m going to be hosting the first of two days Winter Opening on the mic at the breath-taking Maierl Alm in the heart of the Tiroler mountains.
  • 13. DEC – Time Break at Maierl Alm, Kirchberg, AUS Day 2 with Marque Aurel. Playing the nicest, vibiest, sexiest and smoothest Deep House music for y’all.
  • 18. DEC – Funky Friday at APAWI-Lounge, Basel, CH with Marque Aurel again playing some funky, sexy and driving Indie Dance and Deep House music.
  • 19. DEC – Eselsbrücke at LOLA, Aalen, GER starting off the evening on the house floor with sexy Deep House music.
  • 31 DEC – TBC / TBA / open for booking ( email )

Hope to see y’all rear-ends shakin by, soon shittin at a toilet near you!! 🙂 Have a great December, beautiful holidays, less war and hate and a happy new year.

First Deep House song on the 30th of December.

more infos coming soon…

Stay tuned!

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