Never Again (feat. Eddy Pop OUT NOW)

Ever been to that point in a relationship, where you are sure, that things won’t work out?

Knowing that you’re not made for each other, too different or too much the same, too many arguments, too intense and hopeless. A feeling that you might have carried through the whole relationship, having a stomach hurt all the time you’ve been together. I wrote this song around 2016 having exactly those feelings.

Finally, 3 years later, after getting my main man Marque Aurel in the studio to put final touches on the production, all the right moves have been made in matters of mixing, getting the amazingly talented Eddy Pop to record the vocals, having remixes made by the great Betoko, Federico Scavo and Lorenzo Al Dino, setting up publishing and release situation, the song has reached daylight and is ready on all music platforms for you to purchase and stream. I really hope you enjoy this!!

Never Again is a Deep House ballad for the hurt ones, the lovesick.
You’re invited to dive into the smoothness of australian singer & songwriter Eddy Pop’s vocals on a Class A Chillout Housemusic production. His piercing melodic voice has ears tuning in and wanting more.
Beach, Couch, Car and Headphones, wherever you’re listening to this, it’ll take you somewhere else.

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