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New EP ‘PLAY THIS’ out now!!!

And here we go kickin’ off the year with new music in collaboration with Marque Aurel.

PLAY THIS EP and you’ll dive into driving synth sounds paired with sensual vocals and dreamy atmospheres.

The same-titled track has a unique lead synth charecterizing the song with its cheeky chords and harmonies.
The vocals in the big break turn it into a quick dreamy pop song but twists back even darker and more driving with the second drop, for every club to get down to.

‘Nobody But You’ is the more relaxed counterpart. Combined with electronic vocoder vocals, the guitars in this track are everything, played by Jermaine Penniston, with whom Music P wrote the song.
The addition of sawy Synth chord stacks and the campfire moment in the big break with a short guitar solo make ‘Nobody But You’ a must for every Chillout playlist.

Have a listen for yourself, here are all relevant links to the track.

Little sidenote: There’s shorter radio version for both tracks.

Enjoy the music.

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