P Music for Einhell & FC Bayern Munich

Now if that isn’t already the icing of the cake for the year 2021 of Music P.

P wrote, produced AND performed as “Hi-P” (P’s Hip Hop alter ego) the song “Freedom & Power” for the official Einhell TV & Social Media campaign “E-Team”. P also produced the special sound effects for the full commercial and several trailers.

The commercial is an absolute visual masterpiece, directed by no less than Hollywood and commercial super director Charlie Stadler, who is a good friend of P. Shot at the Allianz Arena in Munich, home of the best football team in the world, it stars several well-known German actors/actresses, such as Vinzenz Kiefer & Sylta Fee, but also the CEO of one of the world’s biggest football clubs himself, Oliver Kahn.

The spot is set to be broadcasted worldwide, with focus on Spain, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Austria.

The full song is also available on all music platforms to stream & download.

Here’s what the label/publishing company had to say:

Fondue Music artist Hi-P (Music P) wrote and produced the new track of the new Einhell marketing campaign. Together with Oliver Kahn as the new global brand ambassador and the ‘E-Team,’ Einhell launched a new marketing campaign in autumn that is designed to run for the next few years. On top of a major TV campaign in Germany, the TV spots will also be shown from autumn 2021 in Austria, Hungary, Switzerland, Spain, and Italy. As well as this, the campaign will also be delivered via print and online media.

Music P: “I’m absolutely happy to be part of this campaign. It’s a life-long dream of mine to produce music for TV and this was only the beginning. Fc Bayern is my favorite team, so I want to believe this was destiny. I wanna thank Charlie for always believing in me and giving me the opportunity to be a part of this! Also a big thanks to Patrick and the whole Munderbar and Einhell team for rocking with me and my music.”

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