Smoking Man – a new mixtape series with extra ordinary Deep House vibe!

If you live in a part of the world, like we do in Europe, you might find yourself looking out of the window these days, snow everywhere.

In those days, we often like to stay in, in the warmth of our homes, chill on the couch, drink coffee and tea and collect energy for the rest of the year.

Music P & Marque Aurel presenting a new Deep House mixtape series, called Smoking Man, which is perfect for those moments. But don’t get us wrong, you will love this anytime, if you’re in love with deep House music and down with a special oriental, mysterious & organic vibe.

Because this is, what this series is about. There are incredible artists out there, that combine Electronic music with organic and beautiful instruments from all over the world. Arabic and exceptional vocals? No problem, this mixtape got it.

Finishing off with the typical Music P & Marque Aurel style, this mixtapes also ends with the Grand Finale song by Kellerkind “SubZero”, which has an amazing, deep and dark vibe but a hopeful and beautiful vocal on top.

Find out for yourself. Here’s the first Episode of Smoking Man, compiled and mixed by Music P & Marque Aurel.


Serge Devant – This Moment (NU Remix)

Just Emma – Scars In The Sky (Kleintierschaukel Remix)

George Kartsy – Morning Dawn

Armen Miran & Hraach – Aldebaran (Original Mix)

Jacob Groening – Siddharta

Lee Burridge & Lost Desert – Lingala (Original Mix)

Bicep – Celeste (Original Mix)

Sam Goku – Seeds (Original Mix)

Dennis Cruz – Orisha

Tee Mango – Leave You

Kellerkind – SubZero

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