Tweet’s 2013 masterpiece, reimagined by P

Hola music lovers! Guess what? Our friend P is at it again, bringing us another one of those awesome remixes, or as they’re commonly known “bootlegs.” Now you might be wondering what these bootlegs are all about, so let me break it down for you.

DJs – especially those in the house music scene – often find themselves wanting to play certain songs that align with the genre they typically spin. That’s where “bootlegs” or “edits” come into the picture. These remixes take old classics, well-known hits or simply fantastic tracks and give them a fresh twist by incorporating that signature 4-to-the-floor rhythm that gets everyone moving.

Bootlegs are not only beneficial for the DJs but also for the original artists and creators. By giving these songs a new lease on life, DJs introduce them to a whole new audience and fan base. It’s like a musical symbiosis, where both the remixers and the original artists benefit from the collaboration.

Now, let’s dive into P’s latest creation. This particular “Edit” is almost tailor-made for the upcoming summer season and it’s bound to be your go-to track for those lazy, sunny days. P has masterfully crafted a smooth and simple version that encapsulates the essence of a perfect summer day.

Here’s a quote from P:

Since its debut on Tweet’s EP “Simply Tweet” back in 2013, this song has held a special place in my heart. However, what truly caught me off guard was the choice of kickdrum rhythm in the original version. As I was setting up my new studio computer and organizing my music collection, I stumbled upon this gem once again, reigniting my adoration for Tweet’s mesmerizing vocals and captivating songwriting.
Motivated by my newfound appreciation, I used the latest software to isolate the vocals and infuse a vibrant house music vibe into the mix. With utmost humility, I believe my version not only allows the song to shine even brighter but also enables house DJs and lovers worldwide to enjoy this phenomenal track.

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